Stains sometimes cannot be removed even with regular professional cleanings. A popular method for treating moderately stained or discolored teeth is bleaching. There are several good bleaching products available from Dr. Dantini, the most popular of which can be used at home. We do not recommend off-the-shelf bleaching products as they can cause more harm than good.

To initiate treatment, Dr. Dantini will make a mold of the teeth and create a custom mouthtray. This tray holds the bleaching material against the tooth surface without concentrating it on the gum tissue. If the bleaching material contacts the gum tissue for too long, irritation or even burning can occur. The tray is worn one-half hour to two hours per day and a noticible improvement will usually be seen within two weeks.

While some bleaching agents claim they can be worn all night, this can make the teeth very sensitive. Bleaching may continue until the desired whiteness is reached. Sometimes the desired whiteness cannot be achieved and a patient will have to settle for something less. After lightening, periodic (once every few months) bleaching may be necessary to maintain whiteness. The average cost of bleaching is $200 – 300 per top or bottom arch.